Fashion is more than clothing – it’s a tool to express yourself. The Polish clothing brand Medicine. Everyday Therapy, existing on the market since 2013, has focused on a creative approach to fashion from the very beginning. Clothes are created by Polish designers who carefully follow the latest trends, but at the same time propose original solutions emphasizing own individual style. Because young, independent artists are invited to cooperate with the brand, limited collections of unique design and original prints are created. Medicine is a lifestyle brand for everyone who is open to new things, but at the same time values a timeless classic. It refers to the creative, urban individualists looking for casual clothes, but with a clear accent of independence. All this while taking care of aesthetics, high quality and comfort. The brand’s motto is the „Art is my Medicine” slogan and its hallmark – a distinctive blend of the fashion world together with culture and art. That is why Medicine regularly engages in extensive artistic cooperations, interdisciplinary projets, charity and social campaings. Thanks to the original colletions of clothes and accessories, limited designs of young artists and the unconventional interior of the stores, customers get many opportunities to feel special. The brand is constantly expanding its product range and opens new stationery shops, of which there are already 90 in Poland and over 20 abroad. All this to become a leading brand for creative, passionate people in Poland and Europe. At the same time, with the greatest care and in line with the global trends, the original concept of Medicine stores was designed, for the customers to not only shop but also to feel the best possible. Designers have made every effort to ensure that the functionality harmonizes with the aesthetics and that the stores have an unique atmosphere. This concept is distingusihed by the introduction of high-quality natural materials, subdued colors and harmony of the used solutions. Medicine stores are small capitals of what the brand wants to achieve – authenticity and uniqueness of the meeting with the fashion. Medicine currently offers nearly 25,000 square metres of space, given by a total of shops in the country and abroad. And this is just the beginning.

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