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Zapraszamy do naszego sklepu, w którym znajduje się odzież damska renomowanych włoskich firm.
Fasony i modele oferowane przez nas odzwierciedlają obecne trendy w modzie..
Zawsze dbamy aby klient mógł kupić odzież po przystępnej cenie, nawet do - 70 %.


Wojcik is a Polish children's clothing company, well known today, for both parents and children. The basis of the brand Wojcik philosophy is the belief that perfection is created entirely by the perfection of every detail. Therefore, the clothes from Wojcik has always had such a great influence on the creation of ''fashion'' for kids and slightly older children.\nWojcik clothes collections distinguish by inspiring colors, original patterns and comfort of wearing. All clothes are made ​​of high quality materials, ensuring durability of clothing. While creating each collection we always follow the thought that our products are addressed to a very demanding customer, which are children. As a consequence hig level of production is our priority.